Southeast Asian Water Monitor
The second largest lizards in the world after Komodo dragons, water monitors are massive, prehistoric-looking creatures that can grow to weigh over a hundred pounds and up to ten feet in length. They’re frequently seen along streams and rivers throughout the populated valley and into the forested mountains.
Cream Colored Giant-Squirrel

There are a huge variety of squirrels within the Taman National Park – twelve species to be exact. From tiny, diurnal ground squirrels, to giant, nocturnal flying squirrels, they fill many niches within the ecosystem.

Sumatran elephants. Jungle trekking Indra Valley Bukit Lawang
Sumatran elephants
Sumatran elephants, while once widespread, are now only found in two locations in Kerinci – deep within the National Park in the areas of Sipurak and Muara Imat, and in the Seblat area of Bengkulu, to the South West. There’s actually an Elephant Conservation Center training camp at Seblat, similar to the famous one in Tangkahan, North Sumatra. Wild elephants are the most feared and most dangerous of all animals in Kerinci – if you are lucky enough to see a herd, you better hope they don’t see you!
Jungle trekking Indra Valley Bukit Lawang
Slow Loris

Slow Lorises are incredibly unique mammals. One of the few nocturnal primates, they are the only primate that is venomous. Mixing secretions from a gland near their elbow with their saliva produces a potent toxin that can cause a painful, lingering wound if bitten. They also have two tongues!

Jungle trekking Indra Valley Bukit Lawang
Siamang gibbons
There is nothing in the world like the song of a family of Siamang gibbons radiating through the rainforest in the morning. Generally starting between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning throughout the National Park, their calls, which are meant to define and defend their clan’s territory and can resonate for miles, usually begin petering off by about noon. You have never heard a more majestic Battle of the Bands. The speed and agility with which they fly through the tree tops is a sight to behold, especially considering their size – they’re the largest of the lesser apes. Endangered due to habitat loss, they are abundant throughout Kerinci. Anyone who spends a night in the forest will wake up to their enchanting singing.
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